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Cold Swordfish Sandwich

I love leftovers, especially things that can be made into sandwiches. The day after my swordfish dinner, I gleefully massacred my leftover swordfish and made a sandwich to rival Micky D’s fish sandwich. That’s a little unfair. Maybe I like cold fish more than your average bear, but this particular sandwich is delightfully simple and healthy, all at the same time. Cool, huh?

But wait! Remember my lesson from the liverwurst debacle. This is a somewhat smelly food option. Please don’t bring it to work.

Simple Swordfish Sandwich


  • leftover swordfish
  • bread
  • mayonnaise
  • greens (I used a “spring mix” from the bag)
  • salt and pepper

Get your bread out. Lather some mayo on each piece (yeah, I’m a fatty). Salt and pepper one side, then add some swordfish chunks. Add as many greens as you want. You’re already pretty healthy, so go for the gold, add those greens.

Oh hey, your lunch is ready. That was easy.

I buy white fish whenever I can, just so I can eat this cold fish sandwich for lunch or dinner. It’s filling, easy, and affordable. Fish gives you more energy than any other food I’ve eaten and it’s pretty tasty. Fish is a win-win all the time.

Best lunch ever!

Filling, fast, and healthy. What more could you want?


About mcsassifrass

I'm a young professional woman who loves food, but doesn't eat dairy. Although cows are cute and tasty, I'm not a calf, so I can't digest their milk. Go figure. This blog is to share how I live a healthy, delicious, dairy-free existence. So pick up your wooden spoon and follow me into the kitchen!


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